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3 Signs To Get Your AGA Serviced

It’s essential to get your AGA serviced regularly to ensure your appliance is running efficiently and safely. Generally, you should aim to get your AGA professionally serviced at least once a year. To make sure your AGA is performing at its best, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for. 

Here are 3 signs that your AGA needs servicing.

1. The AGA Is Losing Heat

Have your AGA serviced by a professional if you find it is losing heat. A blocked oil burner or build-up of carbon may be causing this problem. However, it could also be due to a fault with the oil levels. If your AGA is struggling to generate heat or dropping in temperature, it’s time to call out the professionals. 

2. It Won't Ignite

Get your AGA serviced if it is failing or struggling to ignite. Whilst most people tend to immediately replace their broken appliances with new ones if a fault occurs, don’t do this! Instead, have your appliance checked before purchasing a brand new one. The cause of the problem may be an easy fix for a qualified technician. Also, the cost of servicing is far cheaper than spending out for a whole new cooker. Blocked valves or even using the incorrect oil are both potential reasons why an AGA is failing to ignite. 

3. There's A Funny Smell

Another sign to get your AGA serviced is if your kitchen suddenly starts to smell funny or out of the ordinary. You’ll know there’s a problem with the AGA in particular if it smelsl is of strong oil or fume-like. This is likely a result of carbon accumulating and jamming the oil burner.  If you notice these smells, have your AGA serviced as soon as possible. You should try to avoid breathing in these emissions for a long period of time.

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