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Power Flushing

Power flushing is a cleansing process which can remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system. These contaminants, if they are left, can seriously impact the efficiency of your heating system, so get in touch with us today for power flushing in Barnstaple and across North Devon.

There are a number of signs you can look out for that suggest your system is working inefficiently. These include cold areas on your radiators, excessive noise from your boiler, black water when you bleed the radiators or slow warming of your heating system.

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Radiator Flushing

The aim of radiator flushing is to restore the full circulation of water around the central heating system. However, this service can also eliminate noise from the boiler and the pump as well. Therefore, the entire system should be flushed to get optimum results.

Our heating engineer will connect a powerful high flow/low pressure pumping unit, we use proflush from Norstrom, to the central heating system. This will either be to the circulation pump in regular boiler systems or the pump head in combination boilers. Then, with the help of high strength cleansing chemicals, this will flush out anything in the system.

The chemicals used during a power flush include a sludge crust breaker and remover, a descaler to break down limescale and a corrosion inhibitor to stop further rusting from occurring. The crust breaker and remover are acid-based, and this acid can break down rust and other debris that may have settled in the radiators, pipes and in the boiler. At the end of the process, there will be no acid left in your central heating system’s water.

You can find out more about power flushing by watching this video from ADEY about their MagnaCleanse system:

Power Flushing Cost

The price of a full system power flush will vary as it depends on the location and size of your heating system.

Our prices range from £350 for up to 10 radiators. This service can help you save money over time on your heating bills, so it is a very worthwhile price to pay!

Power flushing usually takes around 6 hours to complete. However, large or badly affected systems can take longer. For an accurate quote, call now.

Norstrom Magmaster

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