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Warm Air Heater Installation
Devon & Somerset

Warm air heating systems are nearly always used in a commercial situations. We work with three well established manufacturers of Warm Air Heaters.

  • Warmflow.
  • Combat.
  • Powrmatic.

Warm Air heating works by heating the air directly. A radiator on the other hand heats the air indirectly. The advantage warm air systems is that it they are quick. The main disadvantage is that it can cool quickly too. However providing the building is reasonably well insulated & air-tight then warm air heaters can be a good option. Hence it is suitable for most modern energy efficient buildings.


The efficiency of a gas or oil boiler is showed by the SEDBUK (Season Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) rating. This used to be expressed in a scale from A to G, but has recently changed to a percentage of efficiency. The SEDBUK is based upon the temperature of the water in the boiler.
Warm Air Heaters however, do not use water, therefore the SEDBUK rating does not apply to them. The manufacturers do provide energy ratings but the way this rating is calculated can vary from one to another.


The are generally quiet to use these days as modern fans are almost have a very low noise level. Noise can be an issue if the ducting is badly installed. Ideally ducting should be as short as possible with the minimum number of turns to air flow efficient and quiet.


Warm air heaters heat up rooms much quicker than other systems because the air is heated directly.


As soon as the heating is switched on, warm air starts entering the space to be heated. Similarly as soon as the heating is switched off the warn air stops entering the space. With other systems there can be considerable delay in achieving the same temperature.


Generally Warm Air heaters run at about 80% efficiency compared to traditional “wet” (gas and oil) boiler systems.