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If you are located in Barnstaple and your solar thermal system needs attending to, make AB Engineering your first port of call. We carry out professional solar thermal system repairs, maintenance, and installation to those in North Devon and the surrounding areas. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we have the ability to greatly reduce any future problems that may occur. You and your safety are the main priority. With a regular service from our expert team, we can ensure you and your home are well looked after. We are a proud company accredited by Grant UK making us your go to team of professionals. 

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Solar thermal panels

Solar Thermal Maintenance

These systems are typically rather low maintenance. Their performance isn’t nearly to the highest level if not serviced regularly. Solar water heating systems use tubes or panels that gather natural light from the sun. This light converts into heat. These tubes and panels are filled with a mixture of water and glycol. If the glycol isn’t routinely changed, your solar thermal water system is going to come across many problems.

For more information on maintenance, repair, installation and how solar water systems work, give us a call today.

Time For A Service

Generally speaking, you should have your system checked at least once every 12 months. These checks are to ensure that our overview of the system is still up to the highest standard and you are experiencing the system at its full potential. Common problems that occur are:

Lastly, when it comes to replacing glycol (anti-freeze agent), it is essential you change this once every 4 years. If you live in North Devon and the surrounding areas and need to book in your solar thermal system service now, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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