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Grant VortexBlue Boiler ServiceGet your Oil Boiler serviced regularly. Whatever your heating requirements:- domestic, commercial, industrial or even swimming pools. We recommend that you have your boiler/burner serviced annually. This keeps it safe and running efficiently and ensures that it doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

There are many reasons why the efficiency of an oil fired boiler could be reduced. Here are a few:


  • Smoke from from incomplete combustion of fuel can cause soot to form.
  • Soot deposits forming in the heat exchanger can reduce efficiency of the heat transfer process. A clean boiler is an efficient boiler.
  • Oil nozzles can wear out over time and cause fuel not be regulated correctly. This is turn can also cause soot to form.

OFTEC Engineers

We are highly experienced and fully qualified to Oftec standards. You can be assured you’re getting the right service from the right people. But don’t leave it until it’s too late! Some boiler breakdowns can be prevented with annual servicing. Contact us today and arrange for a service visit.

Oil boiler Service

FREE PHONE – 0800 677 1722.

Full service

 A Full Oil Boiler service consists of a service to the burner and the boiler. We remove and examine the baffles, clean the combustion chamber and check all seals and gaskets, renew if necessary.

We are always looking for flue gas leakage within the boiler spigot and flue ways, if this is apparent it can be life threatening, we will seal and advise if necessary. BE SAFE.

  • Remove the oil burner
  • Replace blast tube “o”ring
  • Remove clean and inspect the blast tube
  • Replace the atomizing nozzle
  • Check / test solenoids
  • Test and clean photocell
  • Check the ignition transformer and ignition leads
  • Test and adjust electrode settings replace if necessary Replace oil flex hose
  • Reassemble the burner and test, adjusting oil pump pressure and air settings to the manufactures recommended instructions
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