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It is vitally important that the person who services, maintains or installs your heating equipment is competent to do so. Since reform of the Heating Industry in 2002 the UK Government introduced the ‘competent person scheme’ for a range of Businesses. Otfec is the trade association that represents the interests of oil storage,   appliance and supply equipment manufacturers. It also overseas and regulates the credited competent person registration scheme for over 8,000 technicians.


If the person installing your oil heating equipment is registered with Oftec then they can authorise their work as complying with the Local Building Regulations. As well as that a they can begin work without submitting a building control notice. This is because their work is deemed to be of such high standard that their is no need for it to be checked by the local authorities. So by having an Oftec registered technician doing the work – you can save time and money.


If you have an Oil appliance, it is essential that you get it regularly serviced and maintained by an OFTEC registered Technician or Business.
To become OFTEC registered, all technicians must undertake an approved training course and assessment. They are also inspected regularly by OFTEC to ensure their work meets the required standard. Around 8,000 technicians are registered with OFTEC’s competent person scheme.


Oil is the cheapest way to heat your home this winter

  • 41% cheaper than LPG
  • 53% cheaper than electric
  • 7% cheaper than mains gas

These figures are provided by independent heating cost analysts, the Sutherland Tables.

The average yearly cost of heating a three bedroom house using an oil condensing boiler is £894 in 2017; which is:

  • £1016 cheaper than Electricity
  • £386 cheaper than Biomass (wood pellets)
  • £635 cheaper than LPG condensing
  • £73 cheaper than British Gas.



AB Engineering is an Oftec Registered Business and all our our engineers are OFTEC registered technicians.

Employing an OFTEC registered technician for the regular servicing and maintenance of oil and solid fuel heating equipment is the best guarantee that your system will run safely and efficiently. – Oftec

Servicing and maintaining of your Oil-heating equipment must be done a ‘Competent Person.’